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How is OES data collected?

OES data is collected through a semi-annual outreach to approximately 8,000 randomly sampled Pennsylvania employers across a variety of industry sectors. The required response rate of these employers is 75% statewide.

When are OES data updated?

OES data are released in May of each year. They reflect annual average information of the previous year.

Who uses OES data?

Estimates from the OES program are used as a reference by educators, PA CareerLink® staff, career counselors, Workforce Development Boards, economic developers, program planners, and others.

How many years of experience are associated with entry and experienced level wages?

Entry and experienced level wages are defined statistically and not in terms of “years of experience.” A worker may reach the “experienced” level wage for one occupation in far fewer years than a worker in another occupational title.

Are OES wages the same as the Prevailing Wage?

No. The Davis-Bacon Act requires construction contractors for publicly funded contracts of more than $2,000 to pay the local prevailing wage. If the contract is federally funded, prevailing wages may be obtained from the US Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division office in Philadelphia at 215-861-5830.
If the contract is state or local government-funded, contractors should visit the Prevailing Wage Division of the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry.