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The Labor & Industry Press Office is available to assist the media with any questions.  You can reach the L&I press office by email at, or (717) 787-7530. 

PA Employment & Jobs Data Release Schedule

Monthly News Release

The Monthly News Releases contain analysis of the current economic conditions for Pennsylvania, its 18 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA), 16 Micropolitan Statistical Areas (mSA), as well as 16 Small Labor Market Areas (LMA). Included is information on labor force, employment, and unemployment statistics. Also provided in the MSA, mSA, and LMA releases is a count of non-agricultural wage and salary jobs by industry.

Civilian Labor Force

The Civilian Labor Force Packet contains information by geographic area of those in the labor force (individuals aged 16 and above who are working or looking for work), the employed, the unemployed, and a calculation of the unemployment rate. The data are produced monthly at the national, state, and many sub-state areas.
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