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Developing an Affirmative Action Plan


To develop a plan:

Analyze all major job groups within your workforce to determine the representation of women or minorities within each job group.

Determine the availability of minorities or women within a reasonable recruitment area by job group by using the data presented in Factor 1 available in the "Factors and Data" section

Availability is defined as an estimate of the number of minorities or women in the labor force in a given job group, expressed as a percentage of all qualified persons in the labor force in the job group. The purpose of the availability determination is to establish a benchmark against which the demographic composition of the contractor's incumbent workforce can be compared in order to determine whether barriers to equal employment opportunity may exist within particular job groups."

Previously, the contractors were required to consider each of eight factors when determining availability.  However, the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) revised these regulations in November 2000. You can obtain additional information on these regulations from the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP).

Complete a utilization analysis by comparing the representation of minorities and women in each job group within your organization with their representation among those available to be employed in that job group within the reasonable recruitment area. Identify areas of underutilization.
Calculate the percentages of minorities or women among those promotable, transferable, and trainable within the contractor's organization as explained in Factor 2 available in the "Factors and Data" section.
Establish placement goals that serve to eliminate under-representation in groups discovered through the analysis and measure the effectiveness of efforts directed towards achieving results.


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