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Employment by Size Code

Employment by Size Code data uses Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages data to classify establishments by the total number of employees reported in the third month of the reference quarter.
The size code classifications refer to the total number of employees in an establishment. For example, all establishments with two employees are counted in the "1-4" size code classification.
An establishment count is a count of employer units (places of work), not a count of employers. Thus, an employer may consist of one establishment or multiple establishments.
Employment by Size Code data shows how many establishments exist within each size code ("Quarterly Units"), as well as the average employment for all establishments within the size code, and the total employment within the size code
These statewide and county lists are compiled quarterly. The initial data, which is subject to revision, is available seven months after the end of the reference quarter. For example, fourth quarter initial data is available in July. (Due to confidentiality laws, we do not provide employment for individual employers.)
Current Employment by Size Code data are available for all counties and statewide.
Historic Employment by Size Code data are available at the statewide level for Total Industries and Industry Sectors.
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