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What occupations are growing? What occupations have the most openings? What occupations should I consider as a job or as a career?

With data available on more than 800 different occupations, starting your career search might be overwhelming. The Pennsylvania In-Demand Occupation List (PA IDOL) can help you identify careers that have the greatest demand across the commonwealth. “In-demand” jobs offer a large number of job openings or an above-average growth rate without already having an over-supply of existing workers. These occupations offer a qualified jobseeker a reasonable expectation of obtaining employment in the field.

For your convenience, occupations on the PA IDOL are presented in three categories: Today, Tomorrow, and Future. Jobs of “Today” usually involve a short period of on-the-job training to become proficient and do not require any formal postsecondary training. With some postsecondary training (i.e. certificate, apprenticeship or Associate degree), an individual can obtain employment in a “Tomorrow” job. Lastly, all jobs of the “Future” require at least four years of postsecondary education resulting in a bachelor’s degree or higher. Each category has a vast number of career options to explore.

Start planning for your first or new career today. Check out the PA IDOL to see which occupations might be a best fit for you.