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PA New Hires Report

The New Hires reporting program shows industries that are hiring for the most recent quarter, and can be used to determine emerging or declining industries based on year-ago comparisons along with regional analysis. Analysis should be based on the volume of new hires (for significance) and on year-over-year change (for trend).

Potential Uses for the New Hires Data:

  • Determine where and in which industries employers are hiring
  • Find emerging or declining industries
  • Target industries with growing companies for staffing and training needs or declining ones for intervention strategies
  • Find employers based on their new hire industry classifications by using the "employer search" feature.

New Hires by Place of Work:

New Hires counted at the location of employment. Only Pennsylvania establishments are included, which can include non-Pennsylvania residents. Additional information from the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages have been aligned with the New Hires data to provide additional comparable information. Employers with multiple locations within Pennsylvania are recorded at the Statewide geography. Sub-state information for multi-establishment employers are unavailable and therefore excluded from the Workforce Development Areas.

New Hires by Place of Residence:

New Hires by place of residence measures Pennsylvania residents who obtained employment during the specified quarter. Only Pennsylvania residents are included in the place of residence measures, but employment may be outside of Pennsylvania. This is due to the nature of the New Hires Reporting Program. For example, an employer may have establishments outside of Pennsylvania, but chose to report their New Hires to Pennsylvania. It is possible that one of these non-Pennsylvania establishments hired a Pennsylvania resident. This would result in someone being included in the Pennsylvania Resident dataset, but not the New Hires by Place of Work dataset.

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