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Worker Movement by Industry Dashboard

From year to year employees can stay with the same employer, stay employed in the same industry but with a different employer, find employment in a different industry, or no longer have a record of employment. For each industry these movements are tracked to see how many workers fall into each of these four categories. Similarly, for each year, the same is done for each worker to see what industry and employer (or lack of) they came from. In this way a pattern of movement can be determined for each industry. Some industries have little movement, meaning workers remain employed in the industry from one year to the next. Other industries have a high degree of industry churn. This dataset pinpoints the industries workers come from or go to, which can be useful to determine those industries that feed into a particular industry or the industries workers are leaving an industry for. The worker movement by industry dashboard is a visual display of these movements.

The data in the dashboard below is based on the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). This system is a hierarchy that categorizes the industry codes into various levels. The data below is available for 2-digit, 3-digit, 4-digit, and 5-digit industries. All filters can be found near the top of the dashboard. The first filter allows you to select an industry code level. The 2-digit level contains broad industry categories and the 5-digit level contains the most detailed industries. Once you make your selection the second filter will update with the appropriate industry titles for the industry code level that you selected. Finally, the last filter allows you to select the direction of the worker’s movement. The options include “to the year ahead” or “from the year prior.”

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