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What’s New?

New Products

Listed below are brand new products and resources that have been added to our website.

Product: Publishing Date:
HWOL Online Job Postings Dashboard 10/22/2020
Weekly Unemployment Compensation Claims Dashboard 10/21/2020

Updated Products

Some of our products are updated less frequently than monthly or quarterly. Below is a list of items that are updated annually.

Product: Publishing Date:
Actuarial Evaluation 6/25/2021
Veterans in PA 3/1/2021
Analysis of the Pennsylvania Minimum Wage in 2020 2/25/2021
2020-2022 Short-Term Forecasts 2/24/2021
County Statistics Dashboard 2/16/2021
2018-2028 WDA & MSA Long-Term Occupational and Industry Projections 12/07/2020
Statewide Average Weekly Wage (SAWW) 11/18/2020
2019 Survey of Occupational Injuries & Illnesses (SOII) 11/06/2020
2020 WDA High Priority Occupations 10/16/2020
Labor Surplus Areas 2021 10/15/2020
Economic Review of PA 10/01/2020