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Workforce Information Forum - Fall 2019, Allentown PA

Listed below are the presentations that were delivered at CWIA’s inaugural LMI Forum in Allentown, PA. The event took place on November 20th and 21st, 2019. Please contact us for more information about developing and delivering custom presentations.

The Game of Life: Real World Edition

The game of life begins by choosing whether to go to college or enter the workforce and then learning how much money you will make in your career. Occupational data can help navigate these tough decisions. In this presentation, you will learn what the data is, how you can use it and what products exist.

Introduction to BLS Employment Statistics

What are the various measures of employment data, how they are similar/different, and how they can be used.

Making Workforce Program Data Work for You: Uncovering the Hidden Gems within CWDS

Identify ways to use all the data that gets captured on workforce participants to evaluate strategies, monitor implementation of strategies or identify a need for new strategies.

Mythbusters: In-Demand Occupations

There are many misunderstandings around High Priority Occupations (HPOs), the PA In-Demand Occupation List (PA-IDOL) and Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) but this presentation will debunk those rumors and highlight how these tools can be used for career exploration and training.

Non-Traditional Labor Market Information

Beyond traditional labor market information, CWIA offers many additional datasets useful to workforce development. This presentation focuses on three: New Hires, Unemployment Compensation and workplace injury data.

Online Shopping for Labor Market Information Data

CWIA’s website is home to a wide variety of labor market data, tools and products. Learn how to navigate our website to find the data that is most useful for you.

Time Saving Labor Market Information Webtools

This session covered lesser known yet handy webtools for data users to quickly identify important industries, geographic areas and jobs skills in their localities. Covered were the Top 50 Industries Report, Industries of Interest, Areas of Interest, Top 50 Job Skills Report, and Job Skills Projections.