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Workforce Information Forum – Fall 2022, Norristown PA

Flyer and Agenda



Listed below are the presentations that were delivered at CWIA’s LMI Forum at the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit in Norristown, PA. The event took place on October 18th and 19th, 2022. Please contact us for more information about developing and delivering custom presentations.

The Building Blocks
Learn about the core datasets that build the foundation of CWIA’s information resources.

Website Walkthrough
Join us for a live demonstration of our website and learn how to effectively navigate all its features.

Your Local Landscape
Review of CWIA’s monthly products focused on your local labor market area. Items to be discussed include the Monthly Press Releases, Civilian Labor Force Package, PA Monthly WorkStats, and Area Profiles

Finding a Good Career Match
When exploring career options, decisions often come down to two questions: are there opportunities and how much money will I earn? Occupational data, tools and resources can help inform these tough choices.

Performance: The Next Generation
Applying performance metrics findings to future workforce directions/initiatives.

Economic Insights: What’s Going On?
An overview of the recent performance of the US economy in comparison to that of both Pennsylvania and the Southeast PA region.

Our Newest Additions
A first look at new products and resources available from CWIA.