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Workforce Information Forum: Delivering Your Neighborhood News! – Spring 2024, Youngwood PA

Flyer and Agenda


Listed below are the presentations that were delivered at CWIA’s Spring 2024 LMI Forum at the Westmoreland County Community College, Student Achievement Center in Youngwood, PA. The event took place on April 3rd and 4th, 2024.

Please contact us for more information about developing and delivering custom presentations.

Building Blocks of LMI
Learn about the core datasets that build the foundation of CWIA’s information resources.

Understanding Demand in a Neighborhood of Make-Believe
Explore current and future job opportunities utilizing projections and job postings.

Selecting the Right Sweater & Shoes
In the vast world of LMI, there are many terms and concepts – such as employment – that sound the same but are actually very different. Learn tips & tricks for choosing the right data to complete your work.

Working in the Neighborhood
Update on the recent economic situation in Westmoreland County and the Pittsburgh region.

Speedy Delivery
Join Mr. McFeely as he delivers your neighborhood news via CWIA’s website.

Learn What Your Neighbors Do
Using different career products to find your place in the neighborhood.

Let’s Take the Trolley into the Neighborhood of Performance
Go along with us on our journey of frequently asked questions about Workforce Performance.

Donkey Hodie’s Data
Donkey Hodie is new to the neighborhood, see what we know about her using New Hires and other employer data.

Daniel Tiger’s Dashboards
Daniel finds the confidence to help King Friday with CWIA’s data dashboards.​